8 Cosy Living Room Ideas

Posted on 18 October 2016

As the nights draw in and the days turn frosty, the idea of a cosy evening at home is much more appealing than a venture into the outdoors. And one of the spaces that we love to spend time in during the winter months is the living room, where snuggling up on the sofa with some easy telly is always a great night in. Our lounges also make inviting spaces to come together and create memories with family and friends throughout the festive period. Just like we say of the kitchen, the living room really is at the heart of the home.

So if your lounge isn’t feeling cosy or inviting just at the moment, then now is a great time to bring some extra comforts into this space for the colder season. Discover some of our ideas for transforming your living room into a cosy retreat below.

1. Play to the Sense of Touch


Our feeling of cosiness is largely based on our sense of touch and how fabrics feel against us. Faux furs, wool, velvet and suede are all soft and comforting materials that can make a real difference to the atmosphere in your space. Introduce a mix of these fabrics in your furnishings and accessories for a den-like feel that’s inviting to spend time in. And be sure to layer up on cushions and throws to encourage a sense of depth in your interior.

2. Bring the Blankets


During the colder months when the pyjamas are on and the fire ablaze by the early evening, it’s a nice feeling to snuggle up in a blanket on the sofa. Make this idea all the more pleasing by draping blankets across your furniture at the ready. While this sort of thing could be seen as cluttering during the warmer months, it’s great to embrace a more relaxed feel in your living room for the chilly season – enjoy leaving blankets lying around. 

3. Create a Cosy Zone

cozy zone

Large living rooms with a lot of open space can often feel less cosy due to the way in which furniture is spread out. For a homelier feel, bring sofas and chairs in from the walls to position around a coffee table or other item of interest in the centre of the room. This can help to create a smaller zone in your lounge which feels more inviting and brings everyone closer together.

4. Capture Comfort in Colours

warm colours

With everything looking a little dim outdoors, it’s a great idea to brighten up your interior with bolder shades. And you don’t need to redecorate to bring warming colours into your room. Introduce splashes of colour in interchangeable accessories such as cushions, throws and ornaments, choosing a pair or trio of hues that work well with your existing scheme. Maroon, ochre, emerald green, mustard and midnight blue are just some of the more vibrant shades on trend for the season. 

5. Dim the Lights

cosy lighting

Subdued lighting can make the vibe in your living room feel much more relaxed. Small lamps with shades that soften the light or dimmer bulbs are ideal for the evenings when you’re cuddling up. Experiment by placing your lights in different areas of the room, finding a place that isn’t too overt or too close to the room’s focal points such as the telly or fireplace.

6. Embrace the Eclectic

eclectic style

It’s much easier to feel at home in a space where you can relax. And it’s much easier to relax in a space that feels familiar. Embrace the idea of throwing off a set style and decorating as you wish, to bring an eclectic feel to your space. Enjoy mixing and matching old and new styles, ladening your walls with artwork and hanging photographs. Deck out shelves with your favourite books and don’t shy away from a little ‘cluttering’ with accessories that you love. Simply shrug off the boundaries.

7. Revive your Floor

country oak flooring

If cosy is something you like to feel in your living room all year round, then making some bigger interior changes might be something you’d like to think about. Flooring is your fifth wall and can make a huge difference to the overall look of your room. The perfect shade for your interior can depend on your paint scheme and type of furnishings but if you’re looking for that classic feeling of homely comfort, we’d always suggest going for a traditional golden oak shade. The great thing about a floor like Country Oak is that it’s warm in colour yet still works well with a whole host of décor schemes from bright and bold to delicate pastels. Design flooring such as Country Oak also doesn't feel cold underfoot and has a comfortable surface to walk on, bringing a little extra cosiness to your living room throughout all the seasons.

8. Make a Feature with a Fireplace

country oak flooring fireplace

Fireplaces really do make lovely centrepieces in living rooms and besides looking striking all year round, they're perfect for an extra dose of heat on chilly evenings. If you'd love one in your lounge, choose to suit the style of your space, from modern and minimal to antiqued and exciting. And you can make even more of a feature out of your fireplace by incorporating borders in your floor. Check out how we've used Design Strips to define the lines of the fireplace in the image above.

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