team talk

Vusta Team Talk with Sabrina

Read about Sabrina's passion for country interior style and get her tips for bringing the cosy rustic look alive in your home all year around.

bathroom flooring ideas

Bathroom Flooring Ideas from Vusta

Looking for the wood or stone effect? Check out these bathroom flooring ideas which incorporate natural design and all the practical benefits you need.

vitesse magnetic flooring

Vitesse Magnetic Flooring: How it Works

Our Vitesse magnetic flooring range has been created to bring an even easier experience to fitting a new floor. Find out how it works in this post...

botanic beauty outdoors indoors

Trends in the Spotlight: Outdoors Indoors

The outdoors indoors trend is all about bringing the beauty of nature into your home. Get tips for introducing botanic beauty in your space.

How to Clean Vusta Flooring

How to Clean Vusta Flooring

Keeping Vusta clean is easy. Look after you floor and it’ll look great for many years to come. Discover methods, tips and dos and don’ts in this post.

Country Oak Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Flooring Ideas from Vusta

Get our best pick of kitchen flooring ideas to reinvent your space. Whether you're looking for traditional or contemporary, we've got you covered.

Exotic Flooring Design

Styling our Exotic Punch Collection

Love the weird woods of the Exotic Punch collection? Get the secrets to styling these floors with colour, curiosity and glamour in your home.

Vusta Loves Woven

Vusta Loves: The Woven Micro-trend

Right now at Vusta we’re loving the woven micro-trend. Check out our tips to add a rustic or urban vibe to your home with items made in this ...

Vusta Team Talk with Kellie

Vusta Team Talk with Kellie

Read about Kellie's love for the rich reds and purples of Indian decor, calming candles and capturing the exotic feel in this month's Vusta Team Talk.