Dark Flooring Style Secrets

Posted on 16 November 2016

Dark flooring brings contrast and sophistication to the base of rooms. And these shades have grown in popularity over the past few years as the trend for bolder, moodier and more intense period-influenced design has made its way onto the scene. As a side benefit, darker floors are practical for rooms which have a higher footfall and are more likely to get dirty, such as the hallway and kitchen.

Without taking some time to plan the overall look of a room, you could run the risk of making a room feel closed in with dark flooring. Yet by giving a little thought to the balance of light and colour, a dark floor can be a delight. Try our ideas below.

Whiter than White Walls

dark flooring white walls

Who doesn’t love a crisp white wall these days? Once thought of as too plain and cold for many rooms, they have made a comeback. Now they’re a brilliant backdrop for wall accessories, the only option for minimal interiors and a great way of capturing contrast.

In fact, white walls can help to create a bright, reflective surface that opens up the feeling of space in a room, balancing off the dark flooring. It also goes without saying that light and dark makes a striking contrast – one that’s chic, sophisticated and will never go out of style.

Top tip: Avoid muted pastels or creams that are bordering on yellow as these won’t bring such an effective feeling of light or contrast to a dark base.

Light Wood Furniture

Something to avoid is pairing dark flooring with furniture of the same dark hue. This can cause a room to feel awfully dreary. Instead, opt for furniture that’s a few shades lighter than your flooring such as maple, golden or white washed oak designs. Warmer tones will complement the rich hues in your floor to make the space feel at one. Grey can also work really well with cocoa colours, bringing a lovely modern clash to a traditionally dark base.

Top tip: Stay away from bright white pieces that could appear too stark against your dark floor.

A Touch of Nature


Feature lovely leafy greens in houseplants, cushions and decorative accessories to bring a fresh feel to the earthy tones of a dark base. Green is a simple and pleasant colour which also makes great company for white walls and light wood furniture for an all-round organic vibe.

Top tip: Take things tropical with cacti, palms and Dracaena.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Dark flooring in a bright white kitchen is always fabulous and the pairing looks just as striking with traditional or contemporary unit styles. Just try breaking up the monochrome feel with some lighter wood accessories or colour pops in your tableware. Navy blue, berry or green are all great accent shades.  

Top Tip: Bring in touches of brass or copper to add further depth to the look.  

Colour Pops

colour pops

Rich colour schemes are perfect for dark flooring as they really help to bring out warmth in a room. Paint a vibrant shade onto the walls or feature pops in accessories. Mustards and oranges are particularly well suited to chocolatey shades of flooring while a patterned rug can bring further interest to the look.

Top tip: Keep colours vibrant – pastel shades aren’t half as fun!  

Choosing a Dark Wood Floor

Thinking of dark flooring for your space? Get some inspiration from our following pick of dark Vusta floors…

Townhouse Parquet Walnut

walnut parquet flooring

This period-inspired design features a thrilling fusion of darkness and definition. Warm swirling grains and dramatic tones take centre of attention, bringing a sense of depth and luxury to daring interiors.

Distressed Acacia

dark flooring acacia

Cherry-red seeps through truffle shades in this effortlessly warm and welcoming design. Deep shades are combined with dramatic grain patterns for a statement effect that’s transformational in any room.


dark flooring ebony

A sultry black, spiced with subtle grains, Ebony is beauty in darkness. The dreamy exudes glamour and makes a classic complement for light furnishings.

Polished Slate

polished slate flooring

These striking black slate floor tiles generate a powerful look in any space. Twists of grey marbling swirl throughout the design for an authentic and interesting look beneath the feet.

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