Getting Strippy with It: Design Strips Tips

Posted on 20 March 2015


Want to add extra edge and individuality to your space? Get inspired by some of our favourite ways to outline, define and refine your floor with the help of Vusta’s nifty Design Strips…

1. Keyline Borders 


Keyline borders can break up areas of your floor to create pleasant definition. Run a single line of strips half a plank’s distance from all the edges of your room to capture a sense of depth. Alternatively, use the strips to outline prominent features such as fireplaces and kitchen islands or to inspire interest in the corners of your space.

2. Tramline Borders 


Tramline borders are similar to keyline borders but they include two lines of strips that can create stronger definition in your floor. These accessories make a striking statement in long hallways, around grand furniture and in front of fireplaces. Choose a stark contrasting colour to capture the most powerful effect.

3. Decking


The ships decking effect carries a sense of outdoor adventure that suits kitchens, bathrooms and coastal inspired interiors. To capture the look, lay design strips between the planks down the length of your room. Pair a rustic wood design with black design strips to imitate authentic decking or choose a more unique combination of colours to bring a touch of the contemporary to your floor.

4. Grouting


Vusta and Vitesse stone floors can look even more realistic when they are defined with design strips that imitate grouting. This look is achieved by laying strips around all the edges of your tiles throughout your floor. Monochrome contrasts look striking in minimal rooms whereas strips that complement the colour of your floor capture a more understated effect.

5. Curves


Did you know Vusta design strips could be curved too? Simply heat them up and transform their shape to border more unusual designs in your floor. Include them where one floor ends and another begins or around patterns to add clean edges and definition to your look. Curved strips can also look great when placed around prominent furniture and fireplaces.

6. Brickwork


Capture a stripped-back, warehouse vibe with the brickwork effect. This design is achieved by cutting and laying your floor in a brickwork fashion and then placing design strips around all the edges of the tiles. Choose standard 5mm strips for bold definition or skinny strips for a more subtle effect. The look is perfect for industry-inspired interiors.

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