Parquet Flooring: Style Ideas

Posted on 12 April 2017

Parquet flooring was born in magnificent houses and has been a staple of grand interior design ever since. The style is perfect for bringing a heritage feel to your space. It’s something a little different that will never fail to catch the eye.

When it comes to styling your room with parquet flooring, the great thing is that it can be paired with traditional or contemporary interiors. Gather some inspiration with our style ideas…

Parquet Flooring in Traditional Rooms

With roots in majestic manors, parquet flooring naturally lends itself to traditional spaces with period features and classic furniture. Rekindle the charm of Victorian style with pretty and peaceful interior themes. 

parquet flooring limed oak

Style Ideas:

· Choose a contemporary shade in a herringbone pattern to capture a lovely mix of the old and new. Limed Oak is perfect for bringing a light and airy feel to rooms. It presents the rustic beauty of a wooden parquet floor in cool, ashen tones. An unusual, refreshing mix.

· Keep your walls pared-back. The beauty of a parquet floor is that it takes centre of attention in a room. White or cream paint shades and delicate wallpaper will make the best complements.

· A golden oak shade with beautiful colour variations will add warmth to a room. Contrast with black furniture and shiny metal accessories for a pretty period vibe.

· Lay your parquet flooring in a double herringbone design for a bolder take on the pattern. It’s always a great idea to do something different in traditional rooms.

· Bring a garden feel indoors with flowers or ferns. Plants make timeless finishing touches.

parquet flooring tradition oak

Parquet Flooring in Contemporary Rooms

A parquet floor adds the perfect style twist to contemporary spaces. Create a little jazz in your room by embracing pattern and colour.

parquet flooring walnut

Style Ideas:

· Pair a bright and lively interior theme with dark parquet flooring for dramatic look. Walnut’s deep tones are just the thing for daring wallpaper.

· Capture a moody tropical vibe with navy blues, emerald greens and burnt orange. Luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk will evoke a cosy feel.

· Choose a more unusual parquet pattern to bring even more interest to a confident room. Block Weave is just one of the more creative options.

· Light and bright rooms with colour pops are perfect for black parquet flooring. Ebony’s charcoal grains and cocoa undertones create crisp contrasts with a green theme.

· Beautify the edges of your room with borders and Design Strips. Brick Block creates a lovely diversion from a herringbone pattern.

parquet flooring ebony

A Few Extra Style Tips

· Remember that parquet patterns add a lot of detail to your floor. In smaller rooms, keep furniture and accessories to a minimum so the look doesn’t feel overcrowded.

· Light parquet floors are great for creating a feeling of space in small or dark rooms. They can also make a neutral base for bold furniture and accessories.

· Darker parquet floors create a beautiful contrast with white walls. These shades are better suited to larger rooms such as lounges and hallways.

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