Vitesse Magnetic Flooring: How it Works

Posted on 22 September 2015

Our Vusta Vitesse range of magnetic flooring has been created to bring an even easier experience to fitting a new floor. These planks and tiles combine stunning design with clever technology as they can be installed completely adhesive-free.

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How does Vitesse magnetic flooring work?

Vitesse planks and tiles include a built-in magnetic base which allows the flooring to attach to a unique magnetic underlay. This underlay is a thin black sheet that’s laid across the complete area of the subfloor beforehand. The flooring is then simply popped into place on top. Watch just how easy it is to install a Vitesse floor in this video.

How strong is the bond?

The magnetic technology in Vitesse flooring isn’t to be underestimated. The bond is so strong that if you placed planks or tiles onto the underlay then held it vertically, they wouldn't budge. The flooring doesn't move about or become detached from the underlay once fitted – in fact, Vitesse is just as reliable and long-lasting as our other Vusta floors.   

How do the planks and tiles differ to standard Vusta?

Along with their specialist magnetic backing, Vitesse planks and tiles also differ in size to those in our standard Vusta collections. Both are slightly larger for a more contemporary look and are also 0.5mm thicker in depth.

Vitesse Magnetic Flooring

What are the benefits of magnetic flooring?

Clean, quick and fuss-free fitting

As Vitesse doesn’t require any adhesive for installation, once the subfloor has been prepared, the rest of the job is quick, clean and easy.

Ready for Use

Vitesse floors can be walked on and have furniture placed on them immediately after installation. That’s means you get a new, fully-functioning floor in no time.

Easy Plank Replacement

In the unlikely event that a plank or tile is damaged, replacing it is easy. The plank/tile can simply be uplifted and a new one popped in its place with no cutting or gluing required.

Can be Uplifted Easily

If you fancy changing the style of your Vitesse floor then you can simply remove the existing and replace it with a new design. Or, if you’d like to remove a Vitesse floor altogether then the procedure is fuss-free with no messy adhesive or residues left on the subfloor beneath.

Wide Range of Styles to Choose From

Our magnetic flooring is available in four exciting collections. You’ll find contemporary greys in Urban Cool and warm classics in Coco Luxe whereas Vitesse tiles range all the way from neutral stones to statement slates.

Magnetic Design Strips Available

You can create the effect of grouting, decking or add borders to your Vitesse floor with magnetic design strips. These are available in 5 classic colours, allowing you to add authenticity and transform the look of your floor. Check them out.

Can Vusta Vitesse be Stuck Down?

The simple answer is yes! If you love the look and larger size of Vitesse planks/tiles but would prefer to stick them down then you have the option to. When installing Vitesse with adhesive, the process is exactly the same as it is for our standard Vusta floors. Find detailed information about installation on our Downloads page.

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