Design Cutting

Design Cutting

Get creative and add a personal touch to your space with Vusta design cutting. You can combine any Vusta or Vitesse floors to create patterns, lettering and imaginative designs that are unique to your vision and style. Create a statement piece or add something subtle to bring the unique to your floor.

What is Design Cutting?

Vusta Design Cutting uses state of the art water jet technology to cut clear and precise designs. All cuts are optimised especially for Vusta planks and tiles to ensure that even the most intricate of ideas are achieved without distortion. The process is also clean and environmentally friendly.

What Can You Design?

Add lettering, insets, defined lines, borders or shapes to enhance the look of your floor. Let your imagination run wild – the options are endless.

Have an idea in mind?

Head to your local retailer to discuss your ideas for design cutting and they’ll be happy to help you capture your vision. You can find your nearest retailer at the Find a Stockist page.