How many samples can I order from the Vusta website?

You can order as many samples as you like from the Vusta website. Your first three samples are completely free with any after that carrying a small charge of £1 per sample.

How much do Vusta samples cost?

Your first three Vusta samples are completely free with any after that carrying a small charge of £1 per sample.

How big are Vusta samples?

The samples we send out measure approximately 150mm in length. Our sampling is all pre-cut so we are unable to send out any larger samples at present. You can see larger samples of Vusta at your nearest retailer. Find your nearest at the Find a Stockist page.

When will I receive my Vusta samples?

Samples are sent out on a second-class delivery with Royal Mail. If you order more than 7 samples, they will be dispatched with our courier service and a signature will be required upon delivery. Delivery can be expected within 3-5 working days from the date an order is placed.

How do I buy Vusta?

Vusta is stocked by more than 200 of our most trusted flooring retailers across the UK. Find your nearest at the Find a Stockist page.

Why can’t I buy Vusta direct?

To ensure you get the best out of your Vusta flooring, we don’t sell direct but trust our selection of quality retailers to showcase our floors. Whereas we only manufacture Vusta floors, retailers can provide you with a complete service which may include measuring your room and providing fitting.

Find your nearest retailer at the find a stockist page.

How do I measure my room?

Measure the length and width of your room in metres then multiply the length by the width. Finally, add 10% to the figure to allow for any off-cuts and waste. If your room is an awkward shape, i.e. an L-shape, break it down into smaller sections and add each of the final figures together.

Length x width + 10% = room size.

So, for example, if your room measures 4m by 5m:

4 x 5 = 20

10% of 20 = 2

20 + 2 = 22

Your room measures 22m2.

Remember, your local retailer will always be happy to help you measure your floor. Find your nearest retailer here

How many packs of Vusta do I need?

To work out the total number of packs you need, divide the size of your room by the pack size.

Room size ÷ pack size = amount of packs required.

So for example, if your room measures 22m2 and the pack size is 3.34m2:

22 ÷ 3.34 = 6.58

Round-up the figure to the nearest whole number.

You need 7 packs.

Remember, your local retailer will always be happy to help you with working out the number of packs required. Find your nearest retailer here.

Why are there different pack sizes for different floors?

You will notice that different products carry different pack sizes. This is to the customer’s advantage. Tiled products are often used in bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms which are generally smaller areas in the home. When fitted in these rooms, the smaller pack sizes allow for less wastage.

Our wood-effect floors are often installed in kitchens or communal areas with greater dimensions – hence the larger pack size. You can check each pack size on the individual product pages. Alternatively…

·       Vusta Planks – 3.34m2

·       Vitesse Planks – 3.59m2

·       Vusta Tiles – 1.86m2

·       Vitesse Tiles – 2.09m2

What is Vusta made of?

Vusta is constructed of several layers that combine to provide maximum durability and protection. Learn more about Vusta’s construction at the ‘What is Vusta?’ page.

How do I fit Vusta?

We recommend that you commission a qualified floor fitter to fit your Vusta floor. Please visit our Downloads page for in-depth guidelines about installation.

Is Vusta suitable for bathrooms and wet areas?

As Vusta floors are water resistant they can withstand small amounts of moisture such as water droplets, splashes and small spillages. This makes Vusta floors suitable for installation in bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms (where water may be present), provided that any large spillages are mopped up immediately and that water isn’t left on the floor for long periods of time.

Vusta floors are not suitable for use in wet rooms where they might come into direct contact from water sources such as showers or as a replacement to shower trays.

Can Vusta Vitesse floors be stuck down?
Vusta Vitesse floors can be installed floated with the magnetic underlay or can be stuck down using either the Pressure Sensitive or High Temperature adhesive.
Is Vusta suitable for underfloor heating?

Vusta is suitable for most types of underfloor heating. For detailed guidelines please visit our Downloads page.

How do I care for my Vusta floor?

Your Vusta floor is easy to clean and maintain. Find detailed guidelines about aftercare at our Downloads page.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Payments are accepted via PayPal.