Inspiration Terms and Conditions

Inspiration Terms and Conditions

Before uploading a photograph to our website, please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Uploading any photo through this website constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of use outlined herein.

General upload terms and conditions

·         It is important that you hold copyright to the images that you are uploading. For example, you must have taken the photograph yourself or have the permission of its owner, to upload it.

·         All photography must meet intellectual property, privacy and other applicable laws. Images that are considered to infringe the copyright or trademarks of other individuals, organisations or companies will not be permitted.

·         You are only permitted to upload photography that is relevant or appropriate to Vusta Flooring. Do not upload photographs that contain objectionable content, including but not limited to nudity, violence, and other offensive, illegal or inappropriate images. We reserve the right to reject submissions that we believe to be inappropriate.

·         All submissions are subject to a selection and approvals process by Vusta Flooring. Nothing in this agreement obligates us to display or use your photograph(s).

·         When uploading an image you are solely responsible for their content and for any offence, claims or damages that arise from the content of those images. The approval and posting of images to the site by a Vusta Editor, in no way alters or diminishes your responsibility and does not transfer any responsibility for the content of the image to Vusta Flooring or the Editor who approves the image.

·         By uploading an image to our website you are granting us license to use it for display on our website in any size or format, and on any pages that we deem suitable without limitation. You are not transferring your copyright of the photograph in any way. This remains with you.

·         If we ever consider publishing your photo in any print media, we will contact you first for permission.

·         Vusta Flooring reserves the right to reject and remove any uploaded photo from display on its website, for any reason, at any time, without prior notice.

·         Vusta reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to alter these terms at any time for any reason without prior notice, or to terminate the Upload Service for any reason at any time without prior notice, whether removed from the entire website or removed from individual member accounts. You are responsible for keeping yourself updated on any such changes herein that might affect you.

·         Your personal contact information will be held by us. By providing your contact details you are agreeing to receive occasional mailings from us (you can unsubscribe at any time). We will not pass your details on to any other third party.

Cash incentive terms and conditions


·         Our photo upload incentive is open to all UK residing Vusta customers. Vusta stockists and employees are permitted to upload photography but will not be eligible for the incentive.  

·         Any request to professionally photograph your installation will be made in writing via email. There is no time limit on when we may contact you.

·         A one-off gratitude fee of £200 is offered in exchange for photographing your property. Photography typically takes a day and would be arranged in advance for a mutually agreed date.

·         All professionally commissioned photography will remain the property of Kenton Floors.

·         The gratitude fee will be paid in full via BACS up to 14 days after completion.