About Us


Vusta floors emulate the colours, textures and characteristics of natural wood and stone so you can get the authentic look in your home, without the drawbacks.


Whereas natural wood and stone floors can feel hard underfoot, Vusta is soft and comfortable. Enjoy the luxury of a floor that feels fabulous under your feet.


Vusta’s clever multi-layer construction and scratch-resistant PU coating provides excellent durability year on year. You can trust your floor is built to last.


Unlike some floor coverings which can be uncomfortably cold to walk on, Vusta stays warm all year. Treat yourself to a little extra luxury beneath your feet.


As Vusta is water resistant, it’s suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and pets. Get the practicality you need from flooring that’s fit for anywhere in the home.


Vusta’s PU finish doesn’t just provide protection but is super easy to clean. Save time, money and fuss on aftercare with an extremely low maintenance floor.


Unlike many other floor coverings, Vusta doesn’t harbour dirt and bacteria in its fibres. Enjoy a floor that’s easy to keep clean and free of germs for longer.


Vusta is the wallet-friendly alternative to a natural floor, allowing you to get the gorgeous look and feel of real wood or stone at a considerably lower price.

Vusta: Multi-layered construction for maximum durability.

Vusta Diagram
  • 1. PU Coating - A resilient wear layer (Vusta:0.5mm, Vitesse:0.55mm) providing high stain & scratch resistance preventing dirt from harbouring in the floor’s fibres.
  • 2. Transparent Top Layer - A heavy transparent vinyl film that emulates the texture of natural wood or stone to create Vusta’s authentic look.
  • 3. Printed Layer - The home of our beautiful Vusta floor designs that are inspired by the colours and characteristics of real wood and stone.
  • 4. Centre Layer - A strong PVC and fibreglass mesh core that provides the heart of Vusta’s stability and high resistance to temperature change.
  • 5. Vusta Base Backing - A durable PVC base that provides further stability and sticks steadfast to the subfloor when fitted with a Vusta adhesive.
  • OR

  • 5. Vitesse Base Backing - A supporting PVC base with built-in magnetic properties for clean and easy floor fitting with the Vitesse magnetic underlay.